basswood Tilia americana

Very versitile tree with leaves turning yellow in fall. Small yellow flowers attract bees.

Size: Medium     Soil: All     Exposure: All     Mature height: 60-ft

black gum  Nyssa sylvatica 

Beautiful tree known for lustrous green leaves in summer and consistent colorful red fall foliage. Indiscript flowers are an excellent nectar source for bees.

Size: Medium     Soil: Wet/moist     Exposure: Part sun     Mature height: 50-ft

bur oak  Quercus macrocarpa 

Very large growing tree that can reach heights up to 100-ft. High drought tolerance. Produces large acorns.

Size: Large     Soil: All     Exposure: Full sun     Mature height: 75-ft

black cherry  Prunus Serotina

High salt tolerance. Dark green leaves turn yellow/red in the fall. White tassle-like flowers develop into small red fruits that then turn black in the fall.

Size: Medium    Soil: Moist/Dry    Exposure: Full/part sun    Mature height: 45-ft

fringe tree  Chionanthus virginicus 

Has lovely flower fragrance from fringe-like, fleecy flowers that hand in panicles from the branches. Very adaptable small flowering tree; tolerant of air pollutiona and adapts well in an urban setting.

Size:  Small     Soil: Moist     Exposure: Full to part shade    Mature height: 15-ft 

paw paw  Asimina triloba

Deep red flower in April/May, large leaves turning yellow in fall and fruits that resemble a banana.

Size: Small     Soil: Moist     Exposure: All     Mature height: 25-ft

pecan  Carya illinoinensis 

Large shade tree with yellow fall color, nuts great for wildlife.

Size:  Large     Soil: Moist     Exposure: Shade     Mature height: 60-ft

red bud  Cercis canadensis

High drought tolerance. Clusters of bright pink blooms in spring and yellow fall color. Great understory tree.

Size: Small     Soil: Moist     Exposure: All     Mature height: 25-ft

river birch  Betula nigra 

Features traditional bark of birch trees, with reddish brown bark pealing back revealing lighter. Leathery, diamond-shaped, medium to dark green leaves turn yellow in fall.

Size: Medium     Soil: Moist     Exposure: Full/part sun     Mature height: 60-ft

roughleaf dogwood  Cornus drummondii

Bright red fall color and great clusters of white flowers in late spring.

Size: Small    Soil: Moist/dry    Exposure:  Part sun/shade    Mature height: 12-ft

sugar maple  Acer saccahrum

Great shade tree with tremendous fall color. Produces small "helicopter" seeds.

Size: Medium    Soil: Moist/dry    Exposure: Full/part sun    Mature height: 60-ft

American hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana 

Tolerant of many conditions; will tolerate light shade. Can take full sun but may scorch in extremely dry locations under drought conditions.

Size: Small     Soil: Moist     Exposure: Shade     Mature height: 30-ft

Native Trees

Planting native trees in your landscape can capture potential

negative impacts of stormwater runoff by intercepting and
holding large volumes of rain on the trees' leaves, branches 
and trunks. Plant approved native trees and you could receive
up to 50% reimbursement. Download Johnson County's 
approved Native Tree guide by clicking here

hackberry  Celtis occidentalis

High drought tolerance. Yellow fall color with distinctive corky ridges on bark.

Size: Medium     Soil: Moist/dry     Exposure: All     Mature height: 45-ft
Johnson County encourages individual homeowners and businesses to make improvements to their properties to aid in stormwater quality. 

Native Trees


Each city administers the funding for its reimbursement program. Please click on your city below to learn how to apply for cost-share funding.

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Westwood Hills

downy hawthorn  Crataegus mollis

White showy flowers give way to red fruits. Tree does have thorns.

Size: Small    Soil: Moist/Dry    Exposure: Full sun    Mature height: 20-ft

downy serviceberry  Amelanchier arborea

White star shaped flowers in early spring, yellow to red fall color.

Size: Small     Soil: Dry     Exposure:  Part Sun/Shade     Mature height: 25-ft

hophornbea Ostraya virginiana 

Leaves turn a yellowish color in fall and often drop early.  Its fruits resemble hops used in the production of beer, hence its name. 

Size: Small      Soil: Moist/dry     Exposure: All      Mature height: 30-ft

Kentucky coffee tree  Gymnocladus dioicus 

Short trunk shade tree with open canopy and long cilindrical seed pods. Male trees will not produce seeds. Very tough tree.

Size: Large     Soil: Moist/dry     Exposure: All     Mature height: 70-ft

shumard oak  Quercus shumardii 

Shiny, dark green leaves often turns a brownish red in late fall. Acorns are usually not produced until the tree reaches 25 years.

Size:  Large     Soil: Moist     Exposure: Full/part sun     Mature height: 90-ft

swamp white oak  Quicus bicolor

Interesting bark with dark green leaves. Faster growing for the oak family and good source of food for wildlife.

Size: Medium      Soil: All     Exposure: Part sun     Mature height: 50-ft

western soapberry  Sapindus drummondii

High drought tolerance. Glossy green leaves turning yellow in the fall. Produces yellow grape-like fruit.

Size: Small     Soil: Moist/dry     Exposure: Full sun     Mature height: 25-ft
Download Johnson County's
approved Native Tree guide

white oak  Quicus alba

Rounded lobed leaves and scaly bark. Very long life!

Size: Medium     Soil: Moist     Exposure: All     Mature height: 60-ft